Paediatric emergency first aid.

One Day (min 6 hours)

This course has been designed for those who have an interest in First Aid for those personnel who are involved in looking after babies and children under the age of eight. The comprehensive one day course covers aspects of emergency first aid, allowing candidates to deal confidently and effectively with an emergency situation. This course satisfies the requirements Ofsted and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). If you are responsible for infants and children professionally you may wish to consider the two day course.

Upon completion and subject to continuous assessment the candidate will gain a Paediatric Emergency First Aid certificate which will be valid for a three year period.

The course consists of both theoretical and practical activities that cover subject areas including:

  • Assessing
  • Choking
  • Control of bleeding
  • Cross infection
  • Head injuries
  • Responsibilities and reporting
  • Minor injuries
  • Resuscitation �CPR
  • Seizures
  • Unconscious casualty

The maximum number of candidates that can be accommodated on this course is twelve.